Microsoft Edge gets a new “split screen” feature that lets you view two websites in a single window by letting you split tabs on the screen.

This feature would be part of the company’s internal Edge project, codenamed “Phoenix“, and it is currently available behind an experimental “Microsoft Edge Split Screen” flag in Edge Beta, Dev, and Canary builds.

Microsoft Edge's New Split-Screen Feature
Microsoft Edge’s New Split-Screen Feature
Source: BleepingComputer

You can tap the new “split tabs” button on the toolbar to open two tabs in split-screen view. When you press the button, you will notice all your open tabs on the right side of the browser, ready to fill the second half.

Two tabs open in a Microsoft Edge window
Two tabs open in a Microsoft Edge window
Source: BleepingComputer

You can choose any tab, and it will automatically snap in front of the first tab, which is open on the left side.

If you don’t see your tab, you can also use the search box or click the “New Tab” button, which opens the “New Tab Page” (NTP).

Edge’s split-screen is a handy feature for large screens, especially if you use a lot of apps compared to traditional desktop apps.

An example of when split screen tabs are useful is when you are working on an assignment on one screen and a page used for research is open on the other.

However, those with smaller screens might not find this feature useful as your resolution may be too small to display both websites properly.

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