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We can help you understand and plan the technical requirements for your organization’s IT infrastructure needs, based on your strategic business goals. We assess your objectives and plans for growth and make recommendations on the technology you need to drive your business in the right direction.

With our IT consulting services, you’ll experience long-term efficiencies leading to better performance and cost-savings, as we optimize your systems. We can help you be more alert and ready for any potential cyberattacks, through proactive monitoring. And, when you work with a technical partner who thinks three to five years ahead on your behalf (like we do), you’ll always be ready for the next innovation that gives you the competitive edge over the other guys.

Get expert advice on areas like:

Project Scoping and Planning
Get insight into your specific tech needs for each phase of your growth. We can’t predict the future of your business, but we can help you be ready for any technological changes that affect you. We keep an eye on your business goals and update your IT strategy as the technology landscape changes to ensure your business is always ahead of the curve.

Cloud Computing Strategy
We work closely with you to understand your business’s specific needs so we can help choose and integrate the cloud applications that will best serve your business. We help manage identity and access control. And, we help secure your cloud data to ensure safe employee collaboration. From planning and migration to implementation and ongoing management – we do it all for hundreds of businesses in Toronto.

Cyber Security Strategy
The cybersecurity landscape is changing all the time. We help you stay safe, with proactive strategies that are customized to your business and industry. We help you stay compliant with relevant regulations, provide access to zero-day threat intelligence, perform risk assessments and penetration testing, and help you plan incident response strategies.

Software Development Services
Your business is one of a kind. Your technology can be too. Get tools developed specifically to help you solve the exact problem facing not only your business but your industry. We have deep, vertical-specific knowledge of the healthcare, legal, and finance industries, among others. We can create platforms to help you streamline and automate business processes, and develop and deploy business intelligence solutions for superior reporting and analytics. We use the AGILE methodology that incorporates your feedback to constantly improve your software tools.

Disaster Recovery Strategy
The best way to keep your business data safe is to prepare for the worst. We offer disaster recovery strategies to help you stay safe from cyberattacks, weather events like hurricanes and snowstorms, electrical problems, and even employee-related mishaps. Our goals are to:

Minimize downtime

Limit damage to your physical infrastructure

Train your staff in emergency protocol

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