Microsoft has released Windows 11 22H2 KB5026446 update aka “Moment 3”, bringing a number of new and long-awaited features to the operating system.

The KB5026446 update is a monthly preview update for users to test out upcoming fixes and features that will be installed as part of the mandatory Patch Tuesday of the following month.

While the KB5026446 The update is supposed to be optional, it was automatically installed on our device when we checked for new updates.

Windows 11 22H2 Update KB5026446
Windows 11 22H2 Update KB5026446
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In addition to new Moment 3 features announced yesterdayThis update brings twenty-two additional changes, fixes, and features to Windows 11, the highlights are listed below.

  • New! This update provides the total amount of storage capacity of all your Microsoft OneDrive subscriptions. It also displays the total storage on the Accounts page of the Settings app.

  • New! This update adds Bluetooth LE Audio. This improves audio fidelity and battery life when you pair your device with Bluetooth audio devices.

  • This update fixes an issue affecting Narrator. It now correctly announces text attributes for words, such as “misspelled”, “change deletion”, and “comment”.

  • This update fixes an issue that affects access to tab settings for sites in IE mode.

  • This update resolves an issue with the Multi-Function Label Printer. This affects the installation of some of them.

  • This update fixes an issue that affects audio playback. It fails on devices with certain processors.

  • This update fixes an issue that affects the touch keyboard. It shows the wrong layout for the French Canadian language.

  • This update fixes an issue that affects the touch keyboard. Sometimes it doesn’t show the correct layout based on the current input scope.

  • This update fixes an issue that affects the Chinese and Japanese input method editor (IME). When searching in the Emoji panel (Windows key + period (.)), the search may fail for some of you.

After installing this update, Windows 11 22H2 will have a new build number of 22621.1778.

However, with only this update installed, the new features of Moment 3 remain inactive until they are activated with another update, as described in the next section.

How to activate the new features of Moment 3

Microsoft’s approach to updating its operating system has changed in Windows 11, which receives only one major feature update per year.

However, Microsoft has now introduced a new update process called “Moments”, which allows Windows 11 to receive new feature-rich updates throughout the year.

Microsoft released the first Moment update in November 2022, the second in February 2023and Moment 3 was released today as part of update KB5026446.

However, even with update KB5026446 installed, you will only have access to new Moment 3 features once you install another new ‘Windows Setup Update‘ which enables these features.

To receive the Windows setup update, you must first go to Settings > Windows Updateactivate the ‘Get the latest updates as they become available‘, then click the ‘Check for updates‘ button.

The new Windows 11 setup update for Moment 3
The new Windows 11 setup update for Moment 3
Source: BleepingComputer

After installing the Windows setup update and restarting your computer, you will now have access to various new features slowly released by Microsoft over the next few months.

Some of the features released as part of Moment 3 include a new VPN status icon, a copy two-factor authentication code button, the ability to show seconds on the taskbar clock, the support for USB4 hubs, live kernel dumps in task manager, Adaptive Brightness Control (CABC) content for laptops, new presence detection setting, and UI changes.

New seconds display setting in Windows 11
New seconds display setting in Windows 11
Source: BleepingComputer

However, only some of these features are available, with Microsoft saying more will be rolled out over time.

All of these features should be enabled by default in the June preview update, and then for everyone as part of July’s mandatory Tuesday 2023 patch.

BleepingComputer will be doing a hands-on review of the new Moment 3 features available later today.

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