Windows 11

Microsoft’s Windows 11 Moment 3 update brings a range of new features and improvements, designed to improve the user experience.

From the addition of live captions in different languages ​​to a major overhaul of the in-app voice access control help page, we’ve had a chance to test everything out and here’s our in-depth review.

Live subtitles in other languages

Moment 3 update extends live captioning functionality to additional languages ​​including Simplified and Traditional Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish, Danish, Korean and other English dialects. You can easily enable this feature through the keyboard shortcut WIN + Ctrl + L or the quick settings accessibility drop-down menu.

Redesigned in-app voice access control help page

This update introduces a revamped help page on voice access commands, making it more user-friendly with descriptions and examples for each command. The page also features a search bar for quick access to commands and new categories for additional tips.

Voice access command support for other English dialects

The update extends voice access command support to more English dialects, including those from the UK, India, New Zealand, Canada, and Australia.

New text selection and editing of voice access commands

A notable addition in this update is the inclusion of new text selection and editing voice access commands, giving users greater control over their content.

VPN status icon


A small shield icon has been added to the system tray to indicate VPN connection status. This new feature improves visibility and accessibility to your VPN connection.

Show seconds in system tray clock

taskbar seconds

In this update, you have the option to display seconds in the system tray clock, further customizing the user experience.

Quick copy for two-factor authentication codes

two step

The update adds a handy copy button to notification toasts for two-factor authentication (2FA) codes, a feature currently only available in English.

File Explorer context menu gets access hotkeys

Access keyboard shortcuts have been introduced in the File Explorer context menu. These one-touch keyboard shortcuts allow for quick execution of commands.

Introduction of multi-app kiosk mode

An important feature of this update is the multi-app kiosk mode, ideal for scenarios where multiple users share the same device. It allows administrators to control which apps can run on a device and block specific features.

Collecting live kernel memory dump from task manager

The Moment 3 update introduces live kernel memory dump (LKD) collection from the task manager, making troubleshooting easier while the operating system continues to run.

Improved touchpad settings control

The touchpad display control settings have been revamped, giving users three distinct options.

Adaptive Content Brightness Control

The update enables Adaptive Content Brightness Control (CABC) on laptops and 2-in-1 devices. This feature adjusts screen brightness based on content, balancing battery life with a good viewing experience.

USB4 Hubs and Devices Settings Page

This update introduces a USB4 Hubs and Devices Settings page, which provides detailed information about the system’s USB4 capabilities and attached devices.

Presence sensor privacy setting

The Moment 3 update also includes a presence sensor privacy setting, allowing you to control which apps can access your device’s presence sensors.

Improved search performance in settings

The update optimizes the performance of the search function in Settings, resulting in faster and more efficient searches.

Changes to print screen key behavior

Pressing the print screen key now opens the snipping tool by default, a change that can be disabled in settings.

Limit most recent tabs

This update introduces a limit on the number of recent tabs displayed in Settings > Multitasking, affecting the number of tabs that appear when using ALT+TAB and Snap Assist.

Improved cloud and integrated search suggestions

Finally, this update improves cloud suggestion and built-in search suggestion functionality, helping users enter popular Simplified Chinese words using the Input Method Editor (IME).

Windows 11 Moment 3 improves performance

It’s great to see Microsoft taking steps to make Windows 11 even better with the Moment 3 update. The focus is clearly on improving system performance and streamlining the user experience. Here are some highlights:

Faster post-startup experience

Changes to the system boot process are significant. By moderating startup application launches, user-initiated operations take priority, resulting in a 25-50% improvement in application launch times after login. This change has a noticeable effect on devices with limited resources.

File Explorer improvements

The update brings faster launch time for File Explorer, especially for users who have files stored in the cloud, and improves file deletion operations by more than 40%.

Reduced gaming stutter with high ratio mice

For gamers, this update addresses an important issue related to input latency and game stuttering. By throttling and merging raw mouse listeners in the background, the Windows input stack now handles more effectively high-ratio mice, reducing game stutter and preserving a smooth, low-latency gaming experience.

Improvements to taskbar, task view and notifications

These enhancements ensure that the taskbar is easily accessible after logging in and improve Task View performance when devices are under heavy load. Quick Settings and Notification Center launch times are improved, and Notification Center memory usage is reduced.

Explorer efficiency and performance improvements

The Moment 3 update reduces threads, DLLs, and the number of graphics devices in Explorer, decreases Explorer CPU usage, and introduces touch keyboard performance improvements.

Voice access and narrator latency reductions

For users who rely on accessibility features, this update improves voice access and reduces Narrator latency in larger documents.

Improved the speed of theme changes

The speed of theme changes is improved and size on disk is reduced by taking advantage of on-demand features through the Store.

Improved debugging and data views for developers

Developers can expect a new and improved kernel minidump format for better debugging, the ability to collect live kernel dumps directly through Task Manager, and richer, more detailed third-party reliability data views. usable in the Partner Center. Additionally, Windows Performance Analyzer (WPA) is now supported and available on Arm devices.

Overall, the Windows 11 Moment 3 Update brings a host of improvements designed to streamline the user experience and improve system performance, with something for everyone from daily users to developers and gamers.


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