Windows 11 Cumulative Update 22H2 KB5027231 released on Patch Tuesday this month also breaks Google Chrome on systems protected by Cisco and WatchGuard EDR and antivirus solutions.

Like BleepingComputer announced WednesdayWindows administrators and users report to have problems launch web browser after installing Windows 11 updates KB5027231.

Even though uninstalling the buggy Windows 11 update should fix the problem, Windows administrators who have tried it report that it’s not possible via WSUS due to a “catastrophic error”.

“I sent KB5027231 to a group of users, and Chrome is broken everywhere. Attempting to roll back via wusa shows a ‘catastrophic error’ in Event Viewer, and WSUS shows I can’t roll back. back”, a Windows administrator said.

Malwarebytes has previously confirmed that this known issue affects customers using its anti-malware products due to an anti-exploit module issue and advised affected users to disable Google Chrome as a protected application.

“On June 13, 2023, Microsoft’s KB5027231 update installed on Windows 11 caused a conflict between Google Chrome and Exploit Protection, resulting in browser crashes”, Malwarebytes said.

Even though affected users will not see the Google Chrome interface after attempting to open the app, the process runs in the background but will not load the user interface due to the conflict.

Chrome process running in the background
Chrome process running in the background (BleepingComputer)

Cisco and WatchGuard users also have issues launching Chrome

Starting Wednesday, WatchGuard and Cisco Secure Endpoint users also started reporting that Google Chrome won’t launch after the rollout of the June 2023 Patch Tuesday cumulative updates.

“We’re rolling out Secure Endpoint 8.1.7 to our few thousand devices, and we started getting a mountain of reports this morning that Google Chrome wouldn’t appear on the screen after trying to open it,” said said an administrator. said.

“With some trial and error, I found that removing the Secure Endpoint service or uninstalling Secure Endpoint will cause Chrome to open again.”

Based on user reportsCisco Secure Endpoint’s Exploit Prevention Engine is also the module that blocks web browser launch.

WatchGuard Staff also confirmed Friday that Google Chrome would not open on Windows 11 after installing KB5027231 if exploit protection was enabled in the company’s Endpoint Security software.

Cisco and WatchGuard customers are advised to disable exploit protection in their security software settings or set Chrome as the default web browser in Settings > Select Default Browser.

Another potential workaround that could help resolve this issue requires affected users to set Google Chrome as the default browser on their system.

Spokespersons for Microsoft and Cisco were unavailable for comment when contacted by BleepingComputer earlier for further details regarding this issue.

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