Microsoft reports that applications using DirectX crash on Windows systems with outdated Intel drivers after installing the November 2022 Cumulative Updates.

On affected systems, users will see apphelp.dll (Application Compatibility Client Library) errors from applications that use DirectX due to outdated Intel GPU drivers.

“You may receive an error with apphelp.dll on Windows devices using Intel graphics drivers with versions through,” Redmond explains.

“This issue may occur intermittently and affect applications that use DirectX or Direct3D to render some or all of their content.”

The list of affected Windows platforms includes server (Windows Server 2022) and client (Windows 11 22H2, Windows 10 22H2, Windows 11 21H2, Windows 10 21H2, Windows 10 20H2, and Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC 2019) versions.

Microsoft is working on a fix for this newly acknowledged issue and will provide an update with an upcoming release.

Temporary solution available

Until an update that resolves this issue is released, Microsoft says affected customers can temporarily work around it by updating their Intel GPU driver to a newer version.

“To mitigate this issue, you can install an Intel graphics driver with a later version than,” the company said. adds in an update to the Windows Health Dashboard.

“It is recommended that you check your Windows device manufacturer’s support for the latest version of the Intel graphics driver for your device.”

If you cannot download an update directly from your device manufacturer, you can also check the List of drivers for Intel Graphics to install the latest graphics driver released by Intel.

A year ago, Microsoft also fixed an issue in the DirectX kernel component trigger blue screens of death (BSOD) on Windows 11 systems.

Last month, Redmond also fixed a bug causing Remote Desktop app to crash on Windows 11 devices after installing Windows 11 2022 update and shared an interim fix for an issue causing the Windows Start menu to stop responding and preventing certain applications from launching.

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