According to reports from a growing number of Microsoft customers, Outlook inboxes have been flooded with spam over the past nine hours because spam filters are currently faulty.

This persistent problem has been confirmed by countless Outlook users who have reported (the social networks platforms And the Microsoft community website) that all messages landed in their inbox, even those that would have previously been marked as spam and sent to the junk mail folder.

“I have received 36 spam messages in my inbox in the last 2 hours in a row. This has been happening for too long and it continues to get worse hour by hour,” said one user. said.

“It seems to have started between 10pm and midnight EST (I have a successful spam at 10:04pm and first inbox spam at 12:17am)” another added.

Some say that even checking “Only trust email from addresses on my senders list and safe domains and safe mailing lists” in Junk Mail > Filters does not solve this problem, indicating that filtering the webmail service is completely broken.

Despite the stream of customer complaints, the Office service status page shows that “everything is operational”.

Microsoft has yet to share a public statement confirming reports from Outlook users that spam filters are broken.

While today the spam filtering issue in Outlook appears to be particularly serious and affecting a large number of customers, it has been going on for months with some reports seeing many spams land in their inbox Since at least November 2021.

Microsoft did not respond to a request for comment when contacted by BleepingComputer earlier today.

This is a developing story…


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