Microsoft’s open-source PowerToys tool is a great way to customize your Windows experience. It offers options to optimize application windows for large screens, preview new image types in File Explorer, and more.

PowerToys is open source and any developer can contribute to its development. Thanks to the work done by the community, PowerToys gets a new feature – the ability to paste plain text.

Sometimes you want to paste internet content as plain text (choosing not to preserve formatting, etc.). It is already possible to paste text in plain text in browsers like Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, thanks to the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shift+V.

Ctrl+Shift+V also works in web apps like Teams. However, it doesn’t work in native Windows apps unless and until it’s natively supported by the app or you use a third-party tool to force-enable it.

Microsoft is working on a new PlainText module for PowerToys to solve this problem. In a future update, you will be able to paste any text as plain text (without formatting) into any application where PowerToys is running.

“This is heavily based on the work done for the ‘Text Extractor’ module, then removes anything that may be unnecessary. The same KeyboardMonitor is implemented and used. The interesting logic really falls inside the KeyboardMonitor because that’s where that the clipboard is opened/read/modified, then a ctrl+v input sequence is injected”, the developers noted in a Github post.

We don’t know when Plain Text will start rolling out to PowerToys users, but it could be soon.

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