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Microsoft is investigating an ongoing outage affecting multiple Microsoft 365 services after customers reported connection issues.

“We are investigating issues affecting multiple Microsoft 365 services. We have identified a potential networking issue and are reviewing telemetry to determine next steps for troubleshooting,” the Microsoft 365 team said in a Twitter thread.

“We have isolated the issue from network configuration issues and are analyzing the best mitigation strategy to address it without causing further impact.

According to Redmond, users in all regions currently served by the affected infrastructure may not be able to access affected Microsoft 365 services.

The list of services affected by this outage includes Microsoft Teams, Exchange Online, Outlook, SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business, PowerBi, Microsoft 365 Admin Center, Microsoft Graph, Microsoft Intune, Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps and Microsoft Defender for Identity, as revealed in a service status notification.

The Azure team has shared additional information related to this incident on the Microsoft Azure service status page.

“As of 07:05 UTC on January 25, 2023, customers may experience network connectivity issues, manifesting as network latency and/or timeouts when attempting to connect to Azure resources in Azure regions. public, as well as other Microsoft services, including M365, PowerBI,” the update bed.

“We have determined that the network connectivity issue occurs with devices on the Microsoft Wide Area Network (WAN). This impacts connectivity between customers on the internet and Azure, as well as connectivity between services in data centers, as well as ExpressRoute connections.

“The issue is impacting in waves, peaking approximately every 30 minutes. We are actively investigating and will share updates as soon as we know more.”

At this time, some customers are also having issues loading the Microsoft Azure status page, which is intermittently showing “504 Gateway Time-out” errors.

Azure Status Page Error
Azure Status Page Error (BleepingComputer)

Updated January 25, 4:39 a.m. EST: The Azure team says the root cause of this outage is a recent Microsoft wide area network (WAN) update. The update has now been rolled back.

“We have identified a recent WAN update as the likely underlying cause and have taken steps to roll back this update,” Microsoft says.

“Our latest telemetry shows signs of recovery across multiple regions and services, and we continue to actively monitor the situation.”


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