Microsoft is investigating an ongoing outage preventing customers around the world from accessing and using web applications and online services.

The list of affected services includes Microsoft 365 for web, Microsoft 365 suite, Microsoft Teams, and Microsoft Planner.

According to reports, customers are do the experience problems when they try to log into their accounts and will see that no web application is available once logged in.

“We are investigating access issues with Microsoft 365 Online apps and the Teams admin center. More information is available under OO544150 in the Microsoft 365 admin center,” the company said. tweeted earlier today.

“Users may be intermittently unable to view or access web applications in Microsoft 365. We are investigating service monitoring telemetry to isolate the root cause and develop a remediation plan,” the incident report from the admin center.

In some cases, a banner displayed at the top of the screen instructs “new” users to contact their IT department to resolve the issue.

“New to Microsoft 365? This is your Microsoft 365 home page where you can see and access all of your apps. If it’s empty, you may have been assigned your user license very recently,” says the notification.

“Wait 10 minutes and refresh this page. If you still don’t see any apps, contact your IT department. They can help you get started.”

According to the latest updates provided by Microsoft in the admin center, the outage was caused by a caching infrastructure operating below acceptable performance thresholds and resulting in timeout exceptions.

“Analysis of diagnostic data identified an unusually high number of timeout exceptions within our caching infrastructure and Azure Active Directory (AAD). We are working to isolate the cause of these exceptions while identifying steps to remediate the impact,” Microsoft said.

Another breakdown removed several Microsoft 365 services in January after a router IP address change caused packet forwarding issues between Microsoft wide area network (WAN) routers.

Services affected by the January 2023 outage included Microsoft Teams, Exchange Online, Outlook, SharePoint Online, OneDrive, Microsoft 365 admin center, Microsoft Graph, Microsoft Intune, and several Microsoft Defender products.

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