Windows 11

Microsoft says parts of Task Manager may become unreadable for some customers after installing this month’s preview update KB5020044 for Windows 11 22H2 systems.

On affected devices, users may see that some Task Manager user interface elements are displayed with unexpected colors, making them unreadable.

“After installing KB5020044, Task Manager may display some user interface (UI) elements in unexpected colors. On affected devices, Task Manager should work as expected, but some parts of the UI may not be readable”, Microsoft Explain.

“You may be affected by this issue if you have set ‘Choose your mode’ to ‘Custom’ in the Personalization -> Colors section of the settings.”

Users who have chosen dark or light mode in the Settings app should not be affected by this task manager display bug, according to Redmond.

Microsoft is currently working on a fix for this known issue and says it will provide an update in a future release.

Workaround for affected users

Until a resolution is available, Microsoft has provided an interim solution that should alleviate the issue on affected systems.

To work around this problem, you must choose Dark or Light for the “Choose your mode” setting.

To do this, you need to right-click on the desktop, go to Personalize > Colors, then select “Dark” or “Light” for “Choose your mode”.

As explained above, these task manager display issues are triggered after installing the KB5020044 November preview update.

Among other things, the non-security rollup fixes an issue with GPU performance debugging features that affects the performance of some games and applications.

Last week, Microsoft also said it had started investigating domain controller hangs and restarts triggered by November Patch Tuesday Windows Server updates and Remote desktop issues after installing Windows 11 2022 update.


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