Malwarebytes’ Black Friday deals are now live, with 50% off consumer products and 25% off their professional antivirus solution until Cyber ​​Monday ends on November 28.

The current offers available from Malwarebytes are listed below:

All of these offers can be adjusted for additional years and features for increased savings.

Malwarebytes Premium version 4.5 includes many features to help you stay protected, including real-time malware protection, exploit protection, and behavior detections for ransomware attacks.

Malwarebytes scan results

Malwarebytes Premium features include the following:

  • Advanced antivirus, anti-malware, anti-spyware, and more
  • Protection against phishing and malicious links
  • Protection against ransomware and zero-day exploits
  • Brute force protection
  • Uninstall Protection
  • Remove not only malware, but also adware and potentially unwanted programs.
  • Malwarebytes’ Real-Time Protection module protects you from online threats and malware trying to get on your computer.
  • The web protection module protects you against online scams, exploit kits and malicious websites.

While running, Malwarebytes will also monitor network connections, preventing communication with malicious sites and command and control servers.

Malwarebytes blocks a malicious connection
Malwarebytes blocks a malicious connection​​

Malwarebytes Privacy VPN is the company’s latest offering, providing increased privacy by letting you browse the web and download files anonymously.

The software is a no-log VPN service that lets you connect to 500 servers in over 30 countries, letting you choose the geographic region your connections will appear from.

Malwarebytes Privacy VPN
Malwarebytes Privacy VPN

Malwarebytes’ VPN product uses the modern WireGuard VPN implementation built into the Linux kernel.

The 50% Off Malwarebytes Premium, 50% off Malwarebytes Premium + Malwarebytes Privacy VPN Bundleand 25% off Malwarebytes for Teams the deals are only available until November 28, so if you want to take advantage of them, you only have until next Monday.

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