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The Flipper Zero team has launched its own “Flipper Apps” mobile application store, allowing mobile users to install third-party applications and extend the functionality of the popular wireless pen test tool.

Flipper Zero is a portable multi-function tool allowing pen testers and hacking enthusiasts to tinker with a wide range of hardware using RFID emulation, digital passkey cloning, radio communications, NFC, infrared, Bluetooth, and more.

Although it caused controversy after videos showed it was used to open garage doors, unlock cars, clone RFID chips and trigger doorbells, it remains a powerful educational and safety research tool for those who use it responsibly.

With the launch of the Flipper Apps application store, the Flipper Zero community will be able to comfortably install apps specially created for and confirmed to work on the device.

Previously, Flipper Zero users had to source apps for the device themselves, usually from code repositories like GitHub, and load them onto the device via a microSD card. With the new mobile app store, owners can easily scroll through available and tested apps and install them on their devices.

“More than 350,000 customers use Flipper Zero to interact with wireless devices, such as IoT sensors, televisions and air conditioners, and access control systems such as garage doors, boom barriers, remote keyless systems and RFID card systems,” it reads. Pinball press release.

“With the launch of Flipper Apps, users can extend the functionality of their devices with custom apps.”

Pinball Apps App Store
The Flipper Apps app store interface
Source: BleepingComputer

The new app store is integrated with the latest Flipper Zero mobile apps for Android and iOS, with BleepingComputer confirming that it offers 101 apps, including games, hex editors, fuzzers, universal remotes, NFC apps and GPIO apps.

The full list of currently available Pinball Zero apps compiled by BleepingComputer is listed below.

Pokemon trading The game of life Tic-Tac-Toe Multi
iButton Fuzzer [GPIO] 7 segment output Tuning fork
VB Migration Wizard [GPIO] Drive Video Poker
Air mouse [GPIO] Sentinel Safe Wave player
Nested Pinball [GPIO] Time lapse Xbox controller
[ESP32] Wi-Fi Marauder heap defense Yatzee
sear Hex viewer Zero tracker
Temperature sensor reader Infrared range Zombies
i2c tools EM4100 Key Generator Authenticator
Luxmeter Mandelbrot set Zaitraffer
Barcode ScannerE Metronome RFID fuzzer
Flizzer Tracker MiFare Fuzzer Chess
4 in line Minesweeper FlipBIP Crypto Wallet
[PMSx003] airmon Monty room guess the color
Analog clock Walrus Remote Cross
Arkanoid Multiple converter POCSAG pager
Asteroids Nu-pogodi Spectrum analyzer
Barcode app Ocarina ProtoView
bomber duck To paint pinball
BPM tapper Race [NMEA] OPS
brainfuck reaction test Jet pack game
Caesar Cipher Resistance calculator Loss
Calculator Reverse Orgasmotron
Countdown roots of life 2048
Counter The Rubik’s Cube Jammer T-Rex racer
DCF77 transmitter Burnt tanks Hex Editor
Of Servo tester ESP turn signal
Dolphin DTMF Slot machine Send SMS to SAM
flappy bird Snake 2.0 Pomodoro Timer
Flash light [Sony] intervalometer Bluetooth trigger
Flipp Pomodoro SWD probe UART terminal
Geiger counter Tetris rock Paper Scissors
pong Text Viewer NFC/RFID detector
Game 15 tic tac toe

Flipper’s announcement for the launch of Flipper apps highlights the following apps:

  • Pinball Authenticator: Implements two-step verification for major services via TOTP.
  • Pinball Pneumatic Mouse: Turns Flipper into a USB or Bluetooth mouse to control devices.
  • Games: Tetris, Minesweeper, Arkanoid, Asteroids, Flappy Bird, poker and other games adapted to the screen of Pinball Zero, plus radio module multiplayer options.
  • Temperature sensor readers: Application to read temperature, humidity and pressure sensors such as DHT11/22, DS18B20, etc.
  • Xbox controller: An IR remote control for Xbox One.
  • Multi-Fuzzer: Pen test application for vulnerability checks on iButton/RFID readers.
  • sear: Reads credentials from different card formats (requires adapters) and saves them for later use.

Although Flipper Zero has encountered difficulties in some national markets, like braziland on online platforms like Amazonwhere it is classified as a card skimming tool, its popularity as a handheld penetration tester remains unmatched.

The introduction of Flipper Apps is poised to expand its user base, attracting a larger audience and further strengthening its market presence and success.


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