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In the rapidly changing world of cybersecurity, strategic technical partnerships are key to staying ahead of emerging threats. Criminal IP, a leading Cyber ​​Threat Intelligence search engine, has formed a powerful alliance with Tines, a renowned provider of no-code automation solutions.

This partnership aims to strengthen cybersecurity by combining threat intelligence with streamlined automation processes.

Tines provides innovative solutions with no-code automation and is recognized as one of Ireland’s leading security companies. No-code automation allows businesses to learn Tines solutions and easily create and implement security processes through a user-friendly interface.

Additionally, companies can integrate Tines’ solutions with a variety of applications and systems, leveraging a more effective security system.

What will the partnership with Tines bring to the table?

By partnering with Tines, Criminal IP is integrating its threat intelligence API with Tines’ no-code automation solution. This integration goes beyond API integration and includes collaborative efforts in global marketing, localization, webinars, and more.

The integration of threat intelligence and automation should improve operational efficiency and strengthen security capabilities.

Explore stories with the Criminal IP API

Users can accelerate their automation efforts and address common use cases by accessing Tines’ Story Library. This valuable resource provides out-of-the-box automation templates, integrating a range of criminal IP APIs to enhance cybersecurity functionality.

Criminal IP API to scan URL
Criminal IP API to scan URL

An example of Criminal IP API integration is the ability to scan a URL using the “/url_scan” command in Slack. This integration sends a request to the Criminal IP service, which performs a full analysis of the website associated with the URL.

The response, including a summary, potential risks, and a list of technologies used by the website, is then displayed in Slack. Implementation may vary depending on the services and APIs used.

Criminal IP API to scan IP addresses and search for indicators of compromise
Criminal IP API to scan IP addresses and search for indicators of compromise

Another use case involves end users submitting an IP address for analysis. The Criminal IP API, in conjunction with URLScan, processes the IP address and quickly displays its location to users. A Jira ticket is created if further enrichment is needed, incorporating data from the Criminal IP API and URLScan.

This ticket facilitates proper handling and investigation of potential risks associated with the IP address.

About Criminal Intellectual Property

Criminal IP launched its global cybersecurity service on April 17, 2023, after a successful one-year beta phase.

They have established technical and business partnerships with renowned global security companies including VirusTotal, Splunk, Anomali, LogRhythm, Datadog, etc.

For more information on their technical partnerships, visit the API Integrations page. Additionally, Criminal IP recently introduced a Bug Bounty Program to further enhance user safety.

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