Imagine if all you had to do to turn a security policy into an enforced workflow was type it in as a prompt…

Modern security teams have witnessed many generations of solutions that facilitate the automation of security workflows between tools, from manual scripts to security, automation, orchestration, and response (SOAR) tools. through low-code/no-code platforms.

With each generation, new tools debut and provide practitioners with new capabilities, lowering the barrier to entry for building automation.

Now, the next generation of security automation tools has arrived, and it’s powered by generative AI.

How Generative AI Unlocks No-Code Automation for Security

When Flash was founded in 2021, we knew how difficult it was for security teams to automate internal workflows, so we started building a cloud-native platform to make it easier than ever.

We built the Blink Platform as a premier low-code platform. Low-code platforms had already transformed business operations for CRM and marketing, and it was only a matter of time before low-code solutions enabled security teams to automate their own workflows. work on their stacks.

Today, with recent advances in large language models (LLM) and generative AI, we have been able to go beyond low-code.

We are delighted to share with you flashing copilotthe first-ever vendor-neutral no-code platform for automating security and IT operations workflows.

For the first time, it is now possible for any security professional to instantly generate automated workflows by simply typing a prompt.

You no longer need to write code or be an expert in your target application’s APIs to create useful automation.

Enter a prompt for what you want to do and a few seconds later a no-code workflow will be generated. You can then test and customize it using all the best parts of low-code platforms such as drag-and-drop actions, variables, and the ability to expose automations as self-service apps.

Why scalable security automation is essential now

The gap between demand and supply of security expertise is an existential challenge for organizations in all industries. According to 2022 (ISC)² Cybersecurity Workforce Study, there are more than 3.4 million security jobs open and too few qualified security operators to fill them. Meanwhile, cybersecurity breaches in 2022 have been more expensive than ever.

How do you develop well-staffed security teams without suffering frequent burnouts and high turnover?

Automating security workflows is key to ensuring that small teams can have an outsized impact as they defend against everyday threats and put systems in place to enforce security policies. Having the right tools makes a big difference.

With flashing copilot, security and IT operators of all levels can now leverage AI to increase productivity and provide workflows to help protect their organizations. Projects that once took months are now built in seconds.

If you think of a best practice or security policy, now you can enforce it and also train your team by integrating email or Slack notifications into your workflows.

Automation of security workflows beyond the SOC

Previous generations of security automation tools were designed with the security operations center (SOC) in mind. With so many alerts, the need for automation was urgent and obvious to avoid fatigue and ensure SecOps professionals can spend their time on the things that matter.

While the SOC is still the security center of most organizations, maintaining a strong security posture requires collaboration across departments, including:

  • SOC and incident response

  • Cloud Security

  • IT security and SaaS

  • Identity and access management

  • Governance, Risks and Compliance

Achieving security excellence requires expertise in best practices, automation to make those best practices easy to follow, and streamlined communication between teams and stakeholders.

flashing copilot

After speaking with hundreds of IT managers, IAM professionals, DevOps managers, SOC analysts and CISOs; our internal team at Blink Ops has already generated over 7,000 workflow automations based on common tasks and security standards.

Blink customers can use any of these out-of-the-box automations to quickly scale automation coverage and quickly implement industry best practices.

Get started with Blink Copilot

Blink Copilot completely transforms the way security teams can automate simple and complex workflows, whether it’s responding to alerts, validating user activity with interactive steps, or verifying policy compliance of security.

If you want to try it today, just visit our Flash home page. You can type your own prompt to see a preview of how Blink Copilot works.

You can either create a single prompt or use one of the suggested automations we’ve already generated from the flashing bookcase.

Blink Copilot is built on a powerful cloud-native security automation platform with robust features like secure workspaces, on-premises runners, and multi-tenant support for MSPs and MSSPs .

come and try flashing copilot today or schedule a demo to see the full experience.

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