Google has added support for multiple scripting languages ​​to VirusTotal Code Insight, a recently introduced artificial intelligence-based code analysis feature.

Although only launched with support for parsing a subset of PowerShell files, Code Insight can now also detect batches (BAT), Command Prompt (CMD), Shell (SH) and VBScript (VBS) scripts.

Besides the list of additions included in Google’s announcement, BleepingComputer was also able to discover that the company has added support for AutoHotkey (AHK) and Python (P.Y.) scripting languages.

“Code Insight has expanded its support for scripting formats, going beyond PowerShell to offer analysis for a variety of scripting languages,” said Bernardo Quintero, founder of VirusTotal. said.

To make it easier to analyze larger files, Code Insight has also been updated to have an increased maximum file size limit, doubling the processing capacity.

“Code Insight can now handle files twice as large as before, and we’re not stopping there. We’ll continue to work on improving this aspect in the coming months,” Quintero added.

Additionally, the model has been improved to provide clearer and more specific high-level explanations, emphasizing code behavior.

A revamped user interface now only shows the beginning of the report (the first sentences) by default, allowing users to expand the description if needed. This ensures that the default view is not inundated with lengthy AI-powered analytics reports.

Analysis of SH scripts by VirusTotal Code Insight
ESXiArgs sample analysis by VirusTotal Code Insight (VirusTotal)

​VirusTotal announced the launch of Code Insight last month as an AI-powered code analysis feature powered by Google Cloud Security AI Workbench, which uses the Sec-PaLM Extended Language Model (LLM) refined for security use cases.

As Google explained, it analyzes potentially dangerous files to describe their (malicious) behavior, which makes it easier to identify real threats.

Code Insight is currently in its early stages of development, marking the beginning of an ongoing and evolving process.

The upcoming roadmap includes the following enhancements:

  1. Expanded support for additional file types and sizes.
  2. Allow analysis of binary and executable files.
  3. Enrich analysis by incorporating contextual information beyond the code itself.

VirusTotal is a web-based malware analysis platform with over 500,000 registered users, owned by Google’s security subsidiary Chronicle.

It helps scan suspicious files and URLs for malicious content, such as viruses, worms, and Trojans, by harnessing the power of over 70 virus scanners and domain blocklist services.


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