Twitter users are experiencing issues around the world when trying to log in or out and when trying to share their tweets, click on links, embed tweets, and view images.

According DownDetector.

When trying to click on a link, users see “Your current API plan does not include access to this endpoint” errors and are prompted to “see /en/docs/twitter-api for more information.”

Ironically, trying to open the Twitter API page on Twitter’s Developer Support website will show the exact same error again.

A few minutes after the outage, images also started to stop loading and some users also started reporting that the entire Twitter web platform was no longer accessible.

Twitter API outage
Twitter API crash (BleepingComputer)

“Certain parts of Twitter may not work as expected at this time,” the company said. tweeted earlier today via his Twitter Support account.

“We made an internal change that had unintended consequences. We are currently working on it and will share an update when it is fixed.”

Despite this, the social network API status page indicates that all systems are operational with no recent failures or maintenance incidents listed.

Twitter was hit by another massive outage last Wednesday when users around the world reported problems using the website and mobile apps, as well as problems loading their timeline and navigating through tweets.

Instead of seeing their timelines, they were seeing “Welcome to Twitter! Twitter is the best place to see what’s happening in your world.”

Twitter Support Discontinuation Tweet

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