Slack is investigating an ongoing incident preventing users from accessing the instant messaging platform and making shared images blurry for those already logged in.

Users have reported experiencing problems connecting to Slack’s app and servers worldwide, as well as difficulties sending messages, according to Downdetector, an outage tracking platform.

“There are systemwide issues across Slack that may result in users being unable to connect to Slack,” reads an incident report on the company’s status page.

“Users may be experiencing issues loading threads, admin pages, images, running workflows and sending messages.”

Slack August outage
Slack August outage

Less than a week ago, Slack was also hit by what it described as systemwide issues caused by changes made to a service that manages internal system communications.

Because of last week’s hour-long outage, users around the world were also unable to sign into their accounts or send messages.

“This resulted in degradation of Slack functionality until the change was reverted which resolved the issue for all users,” Slack said.

“We are currently hard at work on scoping measures to prevent this from happening in the future.”

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