Windows 11

Microsoft is experimenting with different approaches to introduce new users to Windows 11’s features as soon as they complete the initial setup, also known as the “Out of Box Experience” (OOBE).

This new OOBE experience is currently being tested with a limited number of Insiders in the Canary Channel and is aimed at easing users into the operating system more effectively.

Upon setting up Windows 11, users may soon encounter the “Let’s Customize Your Experience” page during OOBE. Here they can select their ‘intent’ for using the device.

The intent they choose—say ‘Development Intent’—will affect what they see upon reaching the desktop for the first time. If ‘Development Intent’ is selected, users will find themselves introduced to the Dev Home, a platform designed to assist developers with various tasks and tools.

Alternatively, for users interested in exploring the operating system more broadly, the ‘Get Started’ app will launch automatically. This app serves as a personal guide through the new features in Windows 11, showcasing Dev Home for those who’ve opted for the ‘Development Intent’.

For users who select the ‘Restore’ option during OOBE, the ‘Get Started’ app will launch after the second login.

The app will offer a personalized journey that explains key apps and settings. Additionally, it will inform the user that the device has been restored and guide them on how to access restored apps through the Start menu or taskbar.

The idea behind these new features is to offer a more personalized and educational experience for users.

Microsoft hopes that these experiences will not only help new users complete their device setup but also become more familiar with what Windows 11 has to offer.

Given that these experiences are in the testing phase and are available to a limited number of users, it’s likely that Microsoft will refine them based on feedback before making them more widely available.


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