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Microsoft is working on a built-in non-custodial Ethereum crypto wallet for Microsoft Edge to allow users to send and receive cryptocurrencies and NFTs.

Public keys can be shared with others to receive payments, while private keys must be kept secret and can be used to authorize transactions when you want to spend your cryptocurrency.

Microsoft Detective Albacore Who First Spotted New Edge Crypto Wallet tweeted some screenshots and expressed bewilderment that this might become a new feature in Microsoft Edge.

It’s not yet rolling out to Insiders, and it’s likely only available to Microsoft Edge Dev Channel users in a very limited testing phase.

“This is a noncustodial wallet, which means you are in complete control of your funds. We won’t have access to your password and recovery key. It’s integrated with Edge, which makes it easy to use without installing an extension,” says Microsoft. during the integration process.

“As a tester, you will use your own funds. In the event of loss of funds, Microsoft will not reimburse any losses. This is a confidential project and no details should be shared outside.”

Microsoft Edge crypto wallet
Microsoft Edge Crypto Wallet (BleepingComputer)

BleepingComputer tested the new feature, and during onboarding, testers are prompted to generate a password to secure their assets and a 12-word recovery phrase to recover their crypto wallet if they forget the password.

After the onboarding process is complete, the wallet generates an Ethereum address to allow users to receive funds through the Ethereum network.

“This alphanumeric address identifies your wallet and is used for transactions, such as buying or receiving cryptocurrency. You can also use the QR code to share your public address,” Microsoft explains.

Setting up an Edge Crypto Wallet Recovery Phrase
Setting up an Edge Crypto Wallet recovery phrase (BleepingComputer)

Like other cryptocurrency wallets, Microsoft Edge Crypto Wallet supports multiple Ethereum accounts, allowing you to switch between them as needed.

Tested can set their default crypto wallet to the one built into Edge or an extension wallet, depending on how they want to manage their assets.

The Edge crypto wallet can also connect to decentralized applications (dApps) and has a news section to follow the latest developments in cryptocurrency.

Microsoft has partnered with Consensys to offer an integrated cryptocurrency exchange feature between Ethereum, Dai Stablecoin, Uniswap, USD Coin, and Tether Coin.

Currencies Supported in New Edge Crypto Wallet
Token exchange in the new Edge Crypto Wallet (BleepingComputer)

Additionally, channels from the Edge Developer version show that Redmond may support a Bitcoin wallet in the future.

“We encourage you to test our first Web3 wallet and provide candid feedback along the way. As early testers, you have the unique opportunity to shape our foray into cryptocurrencies and NFTs,” added Redmond.

A Microsoft spokesperson was not immediately available when contacted by BleepingComputer earlier today for further details.


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