Bing AI

Microsoft’s Edge browser continues to improve its “Copilot experience” with the sidebar powered by Bing AI.

The feature offers various features, such as summarizing financial reports, comparing financial data from different companies, and even helping users create and edit content like LinkedIn posts. Its adaptive functionality includes the web page used.

However, the Bing AI sidebar in Edge does not currently support the ability to recall previous conversations. Microsoft plans to address this issue by adding memory functionality, allowing Bing AI to remember and continue where a user left off during a previous interaction.

In a TweeterMikhail Parakhin, CEO of Advertising and Web Services at Microsoft, confirmed that the feature will be coming to Edge soon.

You’ll soon be able to maintain ongoing chats with Edge’s Bing AI without starting from scratch each time they launch the sidebar, creating a more seamless and integrated experience.

The memory function also offers the possibility of starting a new subject wherever the user wishes. For example, you can start a conversation in the Edge sidebar and continue in Bing.com or the Bing mobile apps.


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