Microsoft’s Edge browser recently improved its “Edge Secure Network” feature, which now offers 5GB of data, a significant increase from the previously offered 1GB.

Edge Secure Network uses Cloudflare routing to encrypt your internet connection and secure your data from online threats, such as hacking attempts.

To use the Edge secure network, users must sign in with their Microsoft account, a requirement to monitor monthly secure network data usage. This tracking is crucial for providing the free 5GB service and determining when the data limit has been exhausted.

Importantly, Microsoft ensures the user’s Microsoft account identity is not shared with the service provider (Cloudflare) when connecting to the secure network.

When signing in to Microsoft Edge with a Microsoft account, sync will also be enabled, making browsing data accessible on all connected versions of Microsoft Edge. This sync includes browsing history, bookmarks, settings, form fill data, passwords, extensions, open tabs, and collections.

Edge VPN
Network Unblock Torrent Site Blocked By Local ISP

Edge Secure Network has been in development for almost a year and is now beginning to roll out to more users in the stable version of Edge.

It works by routing your traffic through an encrypted tunnel, creating a secure connection. Therefore, all URLs, including those served over an unsecured HTTP connection, are securely accessible, making it harder for attackers to obtain your browsing data.

Although Edge’s secure network cannot replace all VPN functions – such as selecting your preferred location or enabling blocked streaming content on platforms such as Netflix – it does provide the ability to access Torrent sites blocked by the ISP.

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