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Microsoft today announced that it is bringing the new AI-powered Bing Chat into the Windows 11 search box with the latest Windows feature update.

“Today we take the next major step and combine the incredible breadth and ease of use of the Windows PC with the incredible power of the new AI-enhanced Bing to provide hundreds of millions of Windows users 11 the next era of computing”, said Microsoft EVP & Chief Product Officer Panos Panay on Tuesday.

“It’s a first step to seeing how the idea of ​​a co-driver comes to life for you on Windows for anything you’ll do on PC.”

Once you have installed Windows Update Today, you can access the new feature through the search box after signing up and clearing the waiting list for the new Bing preview.

Currently, according to Microsoft, the search box is one of the most popular Windows features used by more than 500 million customers each month.

“There’s now a Bing entry point right into Windows Search Home, giving you quick access to Bing’s new chat experience,” Microsoft said.

“When you start a query with Windows Search, you’ll notice an option to continue your search with Bing. You may also see suggested content rotating in search highlights.”

Bing Chat in Windows 11 taskbar
Bing Chat in Windows 11 taskbar (Microsoft)

On February 7, Microsoft announced Bing Chatthe AI-powered chat version of its Bing search engine, when it also launched a new version of the Edge web browser with new sidebar chat and writing features.

The company also has explained the initial strange behavior of Bing Chatclaiming that longer conversations can easily confuse the AI ​​model, causing it to mimic the user’s tone.

Bing Chat too comes with secret chat modes which allow you to switch between a personal assistant, a friend to help you solve your problems, a game mode to play games with Bing and the default Bing search mode.

Last week, Microsoft also announcement that the new AI chat experience is rolling out to users of the Bing, Edge, and Skype mobile apps.

“Because we know 64% of searches happen on mobile phones, we’re launching all new Bing and Edge mobile apps to serve as your co-pilot for the web, even when you’re away from your desk.” said Microsoft Vice President Yusuf Mehdi last Wednesday.

“Available globally in preview today, the new Bing in Skype can provide helpful, real-time answers to all your questions. As we learn and refine this amazing new feature, we plan to to integrate it with other communication applications, such as Teams, in the future.”

Microsoft also released today Windows 11 22H2 ‘Moment 2’ Update which comes with a long list of new features, including an overview of Phone Link for iPhone users available for Windows 11 Insiders.


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