Microsoft 365

Microsoft is investigating an ongoing issue preventing some customers from using the search feature across multiple Microsoft 365 services.

The list of affected services includes, but is not limited to, Outlook on the web, Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, Microsoft Teams, and Outlook desktop clients.

“We are investigating an issue where users may not be able to use search functionality in multiple Microsoft 365 services,” Microsoft tweeted earlier today.

“We are analyzing service telemetry to determine the source of the impact and develop a mitigation plan,” the company added in a Microsoft 365 admin center incident report.

The company has yet to reveal if this is a global issue or if it only affects customers in a limited number of regions.

Another breakdown removed several Microsoft 365 services last week, preventing customers around the world from logging into their accounts and not seeing any web apps once inside.

In some cases, banners at the top of the screen urged “new” users to contact their IT department to resolve the issue.

As later discovered, last week’s outage was caused by a caching infrastructure operating below acceptable performance thresholds, resulting in timeout exceptions within the Azure Active Directory infrastructure. (ADA).

Microsoft 365 was hit by another massive outage in January after an update to the router’s IP address caused router packet forwarding issues within Microsoft’s wide area network (WAN).

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