Bing Chat continues to enrich its user experience by rolling out a new feature – Visual Search in Chat.

This feature combines the power of OpenAI’s GPT-4 model with image search capabilities to deliver a more interactive way to browse the web.

With visual search in chat, users can upload images and search the web based on the content of those images. It could be a picture taken on vacation or an image of what’s inside your refrigerator. Bing Chat can analyze these images and provide useful information based on them.

The tool understands the context of the image and can answer related questions, changing the way users find information and use the web.

In our tests, Bing Chat showed promising results in accurately understanding images.

Bing AI Chat
Virtual search in Bing

For example, when a photo of a dog was downloaded from Wikipedia, Bing Chat provided an accurate description stating: “This photo shows a beautiful white American Eskimo dog standing on a green lawn. The dog has a thick, fluffy coat that makes him look like a snowball. The dog’s ears are pointed and alert, and his eyes are dark and expressive…”

The AI ​​managed to recognize the dog’s breed and painted a vivid picture of the scene, showing its deep understanding and interpretation skills.

This feature is available now on the Bing desktop and mobile app, and will soon be added to Bing Chat Enterprise. It’s a big step forward for smart search tools, showing how AI technology is changing our daily interactions with the web.

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