Google is investigating a service outage affecting Gmail users worldwide that is causing issues when syncing emails with Microsoft servers via Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP).

On affected devices, Gmail users say they are do not receive emails and they also have problems synchronize their Hotmail accounts.

Customers impacted report having seen “There was a problem syncing this folder. Please try again later.” Errors.

“I haven’t been able to sync my Hotmail account in the Gmail app for the past few days, my Outlook account is syncing fine, only the Gmail app is not working! I’ve tried everything to resolve this problem but nothing works”, another user said.

Additional reports as well indicate the Gmail mobile app being the one affected by these ongoing sync issues, with the desktop apps working as expected.

Gmail Outlook sync issues
Gmail Outlook sync issues (Twitter)

The company has already acknowledged the reports and says in an incident report posted earlier today on the Google Workspace Status Dashboard that it began investigating this issue at 5:10 p.m. UTC, 20 minutes after it began. of the incident.

“IMAP syncs with Microsoft servers that are experiencing failures that cause Gmail sync issues. We currently believe the issue only affects users who sync their email from Outlook servers. ” Google said.

“Customers accessing Outlook or Hotmail email accounts on the Gmail app on all device platforms are unable to sync new messages.”

Google’s engineering team is still working to identify the root cause of this ongoing outage and will share more details when additional information becomes available.

Update from February 22 at 3:38 p.m.: Google says sync issues aren’t caused by Gmail authentication issues.

“Our engineering investigation thus far has not revealed any issues with the Gmail app authentication and we are continuing to investigate the root cause,” the company said in an update to the incident report. .


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