Google is set to improve Chrome by introducing a new “Link Preview” feature. This feature, currently in development for desktop use, could significantly change how users interact with web content.

Link Preview allows users to view a small popup web page preview simply by clicking or hovering over a hyperlink.

This preview provides users a glimpse of the content on the linked page, allowing them to decide whether to fully open the page or continue their current browsing. Not only does this save time, but it also optimizes data usage by preventing the unnecessary loading of undesired content.

Among the options outlined in the development documents, users could open these previews in a new tab or in the Side panel, further augmenting the flexibility of their browsing experience.

One intriguing approach detailed by Google is the idea of “Ephemeral Window and Tabs”. Drawing inspiration from Chrome’s ephemeral tab feature for Android, this concept involves the introduction of an ephemeral/temporary window that holds multiple preview tabs within each standard tab.

Concept design by Google for Link Preview in Chrome

In practical terms, when a user decides to fully explore a previewed page (referred to as preview tab 2), they can navigate to a new tab where the preview tab 2 will detach from the ephemeral/temporary window and convert it into a regular tab within the current window.

This feature elevates browsing efficiency by allowing users to screen content before fully engaging, refining the browsing experience to match their interests and requirements.

Google is internally exploring the new design in Chrome, and we don’t know when it will begin rolling out to the users.


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