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Mark your calendar for mWISE™, Mandiant’s targeted, community-driven cybersecurity conference. It takes place September 18-20, 2023 in Washington, DC.

The organizers of mWISE, Mandiant’s highly anticipated cybersecurity conference, now part of Google Cloud, have released this year’s catalog of sessions.

The seven thematic tracks cover everything from cloud security and engineering to third-party and cyber risk management.

Artificial intelligence is of course a hot topic. Practitioners on the front lines and in the trenches will examine AI from a variety of important angles, including:

  • AI and the security practitioner
    AI is finally delivering on its promise to benefit security. Are you ready to embrace it – and what do you need to know before you do?

  • How AI is Changing the Malware Landscape
    What happens when you use an LLM to analyze malware scripts? Discover lessons learned from AI-generated malware and evasion techniques.

  • The Implications of Generative AI for Cyber ​​Influence Operations
    What level of threat does generative AI present in the field of cybernetic OI? Get a balanced and nuanced image.

  • Use of AI by China and Russia: impacts on cybersecurity
    A look at the growing use of AI with the Chinese and Russian cyberelite, including methods, motivations and relationships.

  • Addressing Cognitive Biases in AI Systems for Better Cyber ​​Threat Analysis
    What are the cognitive biases in AI cyber threat analysis? Where do they come from and how do they affect threat detection?

What else is offered at mWISE? With over 80 sessions to choose from, you’ll have ample opportunity to gain relevant knowledge in the areas that matter most to you.

Discover the methodologies, tactics and solutions you can implement immediately. Other hot topic sessions include:

  • Associate SOCs with automation: you will not yet be replaced by a robot
    Christina Parry, Hunter Labs
    What simple yet effective automations can a SOC build with open source libraries?

  • Behind the scenes of a large supply chain security program
    Cassie Crossley, Schneider Electric
    Practical approaches for over 12 SCRM initiatives, including R&D security, secure development, SBOMs, vulnerability management, and third-party risk management.

  • You Leaked Hashes: The Inside Story of CVE-2023-23397
    Roberto Bamberger, Microsoft Corporation
    Strange activity on an Exchange server has revealed a zero-day vulnerability in Outlook exploited by national player Strontium. Get the story inside.

  • Why You Need More Than the SOC Triad
    Jean Schaffer, formerly of the DIA and NSA
    Why the SOC visibility triad should be extended to include cloud data, the identity behind it all.

  • Securing the Invisible: Meeting the Challenges of Serverless Security
    Desmond Lamptey, Capital One
    Learn how to hack an insecure AWS Lambda application from your mobile device.

  • Bank Robbery: Case Study UNC2891
    Takahiro Sugiyama, Mandiant
    The criminals continued to withdraw money from ATMs using fake bank cards. How did they do it and how did Mandiant investigate?

In full session catalog you can sort by track, technical level and type of session. Or go directly to speakers to see the depth and breadth of their expertise.

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A new kind of security conference.

mWISE was created as an intimate, vendor-neutral gathering focused on impactful solutions for frontline practitioners. It’s not a megaconference; it’s a focused space where security-minded people meet, make connections and solve problems. You can expect to have meaningful and meaningful personal interactions not only with other attendees, but also with speakers and session leaders.

The conference takes place September 18-20, 2023 in Washington, DC.

Only a few weeks left for discount registration.
Register by August 13 to get $300 off the standard price of the full conference pass.

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