Cloudflare today announced that it is raising the prices of its Pro and Business plans for the first time since their launch in 2017.

Cloudflare is a distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) content protection and delivery network company launched on September 27, 2010.

When the company launched, it introduced two plans that website owners could sign up for to receive DDoS and CDN mitigation services.

Initial plans included a Free plan with limited features and a Pro plan for $20/month with additional features. Over time, Cloudflare introduced a Business plan for $200/month and an Enterprise plan with custom pricing.

Today, Cloudflare announced that it is raising the prices of the Pro and Business plans for the first time in 12 years.

Starting January 15, 2023, new customers will be charged $25 per month for the Pro plan and $250 per month for the Business plan.

Existing customers or those who sign up before January 15, 2023 will continue to receive monthly pricing in effect until May 14, 2023.

To help reduce the new plan prices, Cloudflare now offers an annual option that rolls costs back to the original current pricing at the expense of the upfront payment for the entire year.

Cloudflare says they are not making these changes to increase revenue, but rather to invest in building their network.

“While we have more than a decade of network expansion and innovation under our belt, what may not be intuitive is that our goal is not to increase revenue for this change”, explains the announcement by Cloudflare CEO Matthew Prince and President and COO Michelle Zatlyn.

“We need to invest in building our network up front, and the main reason we’re making this change is to more closely map our business with our underlying cost schedule.”

“This will allow us to further accelerate the expansion of our network and the pace of innovation, which will benefit all of our customers.”


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