Zero2Automated, the creators of the popular malware analysis and reverse engineering course, are running a Christmas special where you can get 20% off all courses on their site, with added bonuses.

Launched in May 2020 by two well-known reverse engineers, Vitali Kremez and Daniel Bunce (aka 0verfl0w_), Zero2Automated is more than just online training.

Instead, participants participate in an online community on Discord, where students can chat with peers and teachers while working on more than 25 hours of malware analysis and reverse-engineered content.

A few years ago, BleepingComputer talked to some students took the course and was told that “there is no malware analysis course like this anywhere else”.

Special offer until Christmas

From today until December 25 at 23:59 GMT, Zero2Automated offers 20% discount on all courses on their site.

This promotion also offers an “Ultimate Malware Reverse Engineering Bundle” containing three courses that take you from zero to hero in malware analysis.

“Until 23:59 GMT on December 25, you can sign up for any Zero2Automated Course/Package, for 20% off – this discount is store-wide, which includes our Ultimate Malware Reverse Package Engineering, consisting of the Beginner’s Malware Analysis Course, Zero2Hero, and Zero2Automated: The Advanced Malware Analysis Course!” Bunce told BleepingComputer about the offer.

“In addition to the advanced course content, you will also be able to get 10% off an IDA Pro Named License or IDA Home Subscription, and access a personalized 3-month ANY.RUN plan that contains features only available in the paying licenses!”

“You will of course receive lifetime access to all course content and materials, so there’s no need to rush through the content; it’s completely self-contained.”

You can use this link to automatically apply the discount and get 20% off the personalized “Ultimate Malware Reverse Engineering Pack”, or any other item on their site.

Alternatively, you can use the discount code ‘MALWARE’ at checkout.

This offer is live today until December 25 at 23:59 GMT.

All courses purchased from Zero2Automated include a 10% discount on an IDA Pro nominative license or an IDA Home subscription.

Due to high demand, Zero2Automated is now offering the option to purchase gift certificates for the course, allowing you to purchase the offer for a family member or friend.

Also included is a Any.Run custom malware analysis sandbox 3 month license with the following features:

  • Win 7 32/64 bit
  • Unlimited manual submissions (1 parallel)
  • Interactive access
  • Analysis time: 660 sec
  • Maximum input file size: 100 MB
  • HTML reports
  • URL analysis
  • Miter ATT&CK Cartography
  • Process behavior chart
  • Extended IDS rule sets
  • Video recording
  • MITM Proxy for HTTPS
  • Regional Settings Selection
  • Network geolocation
  • Priority in the queue
  • Various software presets
  • Custom OpenVPN Setup
  • System process monitoring

Zero2Automated has also opened pre-registration for its remastered Beginner’s Malware Analysis course for those looking to learn how to reverse engineer but want something a little more newbie-friendly.

This course is available on 0ffset.net/beginnerand by pre-registering, you will receive a 15% discount on the final price of the course and early access to the course itself.

A brief demonstration of one of the Zero2Automated lessons can be seen below.

BleepingComputer does not earn any commission from the sale of these courses and was not paid to write this article.


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